Alexander-LeafHow to Implement Automated Testing in Healthcare Environments

By John Alexander | ESD Testing Practice Director

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare information industry, one of the biggest challenges facing CIO’s is testing.  The strain comes from several areas which are not limited to:

  • Resources
  • Budget
  • Time
  • Specific Experience
  • Scope of Testing

Attacking each of these issues becomes overwhelming for IS Departments.  Finding time to test effectively and efficiently, especially prior to the night of go-live, is a common issue amongst medical centers across the country.  Inevitably, whenever I ask a CIO, “What keeps you up at night?”, the answer is usually, “Did we do enough testing?”

Now, what if I told you that all these concerns could be resolved by making one decision?  And that one decision could also:

  • Increase your scope and lower your resources;
  • Eliminate specialty resources every time you had a change to your system;
  • Help improve other projects you have, not just testing.

So what is the one decision you should make? Implementing Automated Testing.  Finding the right automated software is the first and foremost important decision you will make in this process.  When you do find the right system, the results are undeniable. The chart below contains real information from an organization that made the decision to go automated.Automated Testing - 6


The software during this first year was also used to automate conversions the client was facing from their legacy systems.  The automated software was used to help the training department use videos of workflows tested to provide consistency of training. This client saved money and resources, while increasing their scope of testing. Due to software implementation and its associated library, time allocated did not improve in year-one. This client is projecting that next year they will be saving at least 11 weeks with a major upgrade they were facing.

When it comes to automated testing, the sky is the limit. You’ll eliminate key project stumbling blocks while increasing accuracy and the number of scripts to be tested. Remember, all you need to do is make that one decision.

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