Staff Augmentation

As your organization grows and evolves so will the skill set necessary to maintain your HIT workflow and deliver the best patient care possible. ESD staff augmentation is a service specially designed to determine the capabilities you currently have and the ones you need to operate at peak efficiency – then fill in the gap with specialized expertise.

Find and Fill In the Gaps

ESD’s organic process begins as it always does, with due diligence in the form of a detailed audit of your organization. Where feasible, ESD can grow the skill set if your existing staff through our comprehensive training programs. Where specialized skills or outside expertise is necessary, ESD taps into our stable of professionals specialized in precisely the HIT you need and integrate them with your team. This ensures you have the immediate capabilities to get the most from your workflow while spreading valuable skills to your existing employees through knowledge transfer.

Whether you require staff augmentation to see you through an individual project or to fulfill a long-term need, ESD can ensure you have the talent and HIT performance to deliver the very best patient care and keep your organization successful.

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Staff Augmentation