Why Choose ESD?

Our priority is to ensure that your transition to new Epic technology is as seamless and successful as possible. Our team has completed hundreds of implementation projects over the years helping healthcare organizations build, train, go-live and optimize their healthcare IT systems to ensure they fully support clinicians with no disruption to patient care.

Our unique approach to implementations is based on creating solutions for our clients, built specifically for their unique needs. We are not just a staffing firm, we are a partner to our clients, helping them ensure a full knowledge transfer and full adoption of new or upgraded Epic applications.

Talent Expertise

Our Epic network includes over 2,000 professionals experienced in a wide range of Epic modules. Many of our team members complete an average of six implementations each year, enriching their knowledge and expertise with each project they complete. This experience, combined with our 20+ year history of supporting implementations will ensure your new or upgraded system is up and running as productive and efficient as possible.

Our team of talent has the expertise to guide you through any of the following implementation phases: